Historic weaves from Kerala

Specially designed pieces from the looms of God’s Own Country, rooted in history and tradition.

Handwoven Stories from Banaras

Hailing from Uttar Pradesh’s Temple Town, Banaras sarees are the work of master silk weavers and are simply a dream to wear.

Stunning silken beauties of Kanchipuram

Woven from pure mulberry silk, Kanchipuram pattu shines bright with iconic motifs drawn straight from the figures of temples and myth.

Where Style and Tradition Meet!

Searching for an heirloom to cherish in the years to come? Explore our carefully curated selection of handmade works and crafts today!


Nostalgic about the vibrancy and beauty of India? Look no further. Mohit Craft bring you the very best of bespoke pieces, woven silks, and traditional handicrafts directly from the hands of artisans and craftsmen across India. Our mission? To shine a spotlight on the time-old practices and traditions of art throughout our land and support the artisans keeping them alive.
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Pride of the Nation

A collection of unique heirloom artifacts to bring life into your space
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